Introducing: Women of Peterhouse

Happy International Women’s Day 2015! And a very apt day in a very apt year to announce the launch of our new blog…

With 2015 only the 30th anniversary of the matriculation of the first women students into Peterhouse, some might assume that the women of our college are still Peterhouse Bluestockings in a Porterhouse Blue world. At the time of writing, when you google ‘Peterhouse women’, the first thing you read is the old Roger Scruton quote: “Peterhouse was a great institution, but probably is no longer – it was gratuitously destroyed by the admission of women.”

Yes, there may be no women on the college website’s list of ‘eminent Petreans’. There may be no women alumnae on the walls.

But with Johanna Ohlmann as the JCR President of a 60% female JCR Committee, Claudia Grinnell as Senior Organ Scholar, Eloise Davies the editor of the college newspaper, the Dodo, Margaret Polk the Wine Society President, Martha Hirst as Boat Club President, women aren’t at the margins of Peterhouse any more.

Women of Peterhouse wants to show you that Peterhouse has changed.

– Ellie Myerson (JCR Women’s Officer)


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