This blog was set up in 2015 as part of the celebrations to mark the 30th anniversary (yes I know) of the matriculation of the first women students into Peterhouse. When you google ‘Peterhouse women’, the first thing you read is still the old Roger Scruton quote: “Peterhouse was a great institution, but probably is no longer – it was gratuitously destroyed by the admission of women.” … but now, you’ll also find this blog!

With this blog, Women of Peterhouse wants to show you that Peterhouse has changed.

There is still a lot to be done. We need women on the college website’s list of ‘eminent Petreans’. We need women alumnae on the walls.

But at the time of writing, Johanna Ohlmann is the JCR President of a 60% female JCR Committee, Olivia Elder is the MCR President of, again, a 60% female MCR Committee, Claudia Grinnell is Senior Organ Scholar, Eloise Davies the editor of the college newspaper, the Dodo, Margaret Polk the Wine Society President, Martha Hirst as Boat Club President. Women aren’t at the margins of Peterhouse any more.

-Ellie Myerson (Women’s Officer 2015-16)


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Ah, the 30th anniversary. But this is Peterhouse, always gloriously complex, often surprising: I matriculated in 1982 some three years earlier so, while most will celebrate the 30th anniversary this year, in a pedantic view, it’s really the 33rd anniversary.


  2. Thanks for your comment – that’s really interesting. My understanding of it was that post-grad women students matriculated in ’84 and undergraduates in ’85. If you’d like to get in touch to say more about your experiences, I would love to hear more.


  3. Yes that’s right and 1985 should be celebrated for that reason. But check the development office’s lists of undergraduates who matriculated in 1982 and you will find my name on there nonetheless.


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