Women of Peterhouse flashback: Peterhouse in the Press (1999 edition)

[Credit to Jodie Walker, Peterhouse librarian, for rediscovering this article]

As a follow up to the recent Women of Peterhouse resurrection of the 1983 Daily Express article, ‘Inside chauvinism’s last fallen bastion’, I bring you an equally telling Times article, ‘The fellows pushing salad revolution’ (March 19, 1999) Continue reading


30th Anniversary Women’s Dinner (14/11/15)

By this point in term, no one has the energy to write a full review of the Women’s dinner we held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the admission of women to Peterhouse. Me either. So pictures will have to do the job for us. Here are some highlights from the evening… Continue reading

Women of Peterhouse flashback: Peterhouse in the Press (1983 edition)

Observant readers of the Women of Peterhouse blog will have noticed a recent update to the cover photo: a snazzy extract from a newspaper headline reading: “Inside chauvinism’s latest fallen bastion’ (Daily Express, Monday March 21st 1983). The rest of the article is no less exciting, so I thought I’d share some extracts with you… Continue reading

Why are periods so taboo? – A Medical Student’s Perspective

Periods. I’m not talking about full stops, I’m talking about menstruation. Some people may have just gone “ew!” and stopped reading. Or maybe people aren’t as awkward as I used to be. Because when I was younger, I was super awkward about periods (well, I was pretty awkward in general). I would have never thought in a million years that I would be writing this, but I guess people change. Continue reading

The Fight Against Forced Marriage

Freshers’ Week in Cambridge has just finished, and along with it another round of Consent Workshops, made a compulsory part of many Colleges’ Freshers’ Week programme last year. In a new development this year, the Cambridge Union is set to run a ‘Consent and Marginalised Group Forum’. At last it is becoming harder and harder to be ignorant of consent issues. Continue reading

‘Learn about feminism? At Peterhouse?’; or: Feminist Things to Look Forward to at Cambridge…

Hello Freshers.

'Get you to Girton, Beatrice'... men in hats galore protest women receiving Cambridge degrees

‘Get you to Girton, Beatrice’… men in hats galore protest against women receiving Cambridge degrees

When I was applying to Peterhouse, my History teacher told me not to do it, remembering horror stories that a former pupil of his had related about her time at the college. ‘Women weren’t treated like people,’ he said. I chose to assume that his advice was outdated Continue reading