On being more confident without my clothes on

When I tell people that I do life modelling, I always get the same responses.

1) Why do you do it?

2) You must be really brave. Continue reading


Only boys tell jokes, and other lies I learned at MUN

The first time I ever ran a newspaper, I was given the job because I was a woman. The boys’ school next door ran a yearly Model United Nations Conference, and traditionally the Head of Press was harvested from the girls’ school. Since there were apparently no records of any previous edition whatsoever, I had to create an entirely new paper from scratch, with three editions to be distributed over the course of the conference. As you can imagine, the boundaries of ‘professionalism’ were stretched beyond recognition. Continue reading

Who’s afraid of Elizabeth Wolfe? An investigation into Hall decor

Google Peterhouse and eventually (hidden amongst all the allegations about Michael Portillo’s sex life) you will find an article from 1999, detailing challenges faced and progress made by our female fellows. It is an admirable piece, which sums up some of the more traditional elements of Peterhouse’s decorations nicely:
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Is there still a glass ceiling in the JCR?

The “glass ceiling”: a popular media term for a disproportionate lack of women in senior positions. The phenomenon is seen in almost every profession and numerous explanations have have been offered by observers. Is society’s entrenched sexism to blame? Is the cycle self-perpetuating – a lack of senior role models prevents aspiration? Or are women themselves to blame? Continue reading